Over the past decade a lot of technology has been put into place to help agents and homeowners simplify and secure the home-showing process.

The electronic lockbox (sometimes called a keybox, an ekey or Supra)  that is most commonly used now is shown above and it’s actually a powerful, yet underutilized tool.
Electronic lockboxes began replacing antiquated manual keyboxes that offered little security and no intelligence about 12 years ago, but old lockboxes are still around.
Here are 3 reasons why I only use electronic lockboxes for my listings:
1) Electronic lockboxes can only be accessed by licensed real estate agents who are in good standing with their local board of Realtors and up-to-date on their MLS dues. In other words agents must pay subscriber fees to the Board as well as to the ekey provider in order to be able to show a home with an ekey.  Right there the ability for an agent to access an ekey affords an implied level of professionalism.
2) I can set time restrictions on keybox access. The ability to prevent access to a key for specific windows of time offers my clients extra security and helps limit liability. For example for a vacant or new construction property with no utilities, key access can be set to only daylight hours, preventing unscheduled, late evening showings that can result in trip and fall injuries.
3) I can see the length of a showing. Are prospective buyers leaving the property moments after arriving or spending long amounts of  time but not presenting offers? The keybox will tell me this information so I can tailor the feedback questions to the showing agent to determine what is deterring buyers.
If added security is important to you when listing your home, lets talk. I can put together a showing plan that will take into consideration your schedule and security needs.