Divorce Transactions 

Divorce is a chance for new beginnings.

Our needs change. What we need to be comfortable changes. The home you bought when you were single might have been great when only one person needed to fit their clothes in the bedroom closet or park a car in the driveway, but with 2 people things can feel crammed.

Maybe you’re already beginning to envision what your new home will feel like once you have completed your divorce.

Knowing what you can afford and making sound financial decisions are important at this time. 

Selling your first home and upsizing to the next size or style of home that suites your life can feel overwhelming to some people.

That’s where I come in. I manage the transition, not just the transaction. I explain the entire sales process for first time sellers, connect you with lenders and attorneys to help you along the way, market your home creatively and effectively and connect you with the agent that will help you find the next place you will call home.

Let me help you move forward with expert advice, insight, design tips, precision pricing and referrals to contractors and lenders to make your first time selling go smoothly.